Peninsula City Church encourages a method of Bible study and reflection called SOAP (Scripture Observation Application Prayer).

If you want to start using Soap Devotions, you can do so by checking our the current day's scriptures by downloading them below.

Soap Scriptures.pdf

Keep this in mind as you go...

S = Scripture
Type out the verse that stood out to you

O = Observation 
What is that verse saying?

A = Application 
How does that verse apply to you today?

P = Prayer 
Type out a prayer that expresses your heart to God

If you miss a day, don't attempt to "catch up" the reading. Jump forward to the current one. Remember, it's not about "achieving a devotion", it's about developing a healthy habit of spending regular time with the Lord and letting the Word of God reflect into your life.

Having committed to this process myself I have absolutely no doubt that this will be one of the better things you will ever have invested!

Ps Jim Jung



For an easy way of participating in SOAP devotions, download the 
FREE PenCC App from iTunes or Google Play.  The daily SOAP scriptures can be Read or Listened to right on your mobile device.