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PEOPLE - Peninsula City Church is made up of people from the local community who come from varied and different backgrounds. Our Church community is therefore as diverse as the municipality in which we find ourselves with representation of all age groups, nationalities, family and employment status. The common thread of all who connect with us is a personal belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ into their lives that outworks itself as a vibrant relationship with God - 24/7.

PASSIONATE - Our joint passion is to be an effective and active example of what the Church is called to be within the community in which we live. This is expressed through regular prayer for our region, practical assistance to our community and a belief that Christ through each Christian can make a difference wherever they are during their week.

BELIEVERS - We believe that God is the centre of everything and that only through Him can we live life as it was meant to be. In Him, we find true love, acceptance and fulfillment. Without Jesus Christ, everyone in his or her own strength is unable to find or please God. We also believe that we are called to make a difference in the world, by being Christ's ambassadors, His representatives. We're not, and do not want to become, an isolated sub-culture but a responsible and active member of our community. 

FAMILY - Peninsula City Church is a family Church consisting of people of every age and walk of life. We desire to make our Church a place where people can connect, relate, find friends, support and encouragement. We do this by presenting the message of the Bible in relevant ways through different forums. We believe that the Bible gives new life, hope and freedom to those who believe and live by its principles.

GIFTED - We believe every person is uniquely talented and that we're all called and gifted by God to serve and care for each other. We desire to help every person identify their special gifting (or talent) and empower them to release those gifts into our community. Creating a culture of giving and releasing to others from the blessings and talents that God has liberally given to us as individuals and as a Church reiterates our firm belief that what we sow now we will also reap in the future. 

WELCOMING - Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds regardless of where they're at on their spiritual journey, we just love people. We uphold the value of the family unit and the strength that healthy relationships bring to not only the Church but to our society as a whole. We often have the privilege of becoming family to those who don't have one.

WORSHIPPERS - We consciously adopt the lifestyle of worshippers. As worshippers, we are aware of God's constant presence in our lives. We regularly engage in private and corporate prayer and worship as an expression of our relationship with Him. This provides an opportunity and environment for our spirit to be receptive and attentive to hear from God. As a people we have an expectation for seasons of God's blessing allowing us to be continually enlivened with the power of the Holy Spirit.