Lifesong (Women)




To all you wonderful women out there.  Do you know that an awesome God has called you by name and set a song in your life to sing to the world?

Here at Lifesong Women, we believe that God, through Jesus Christ, has called us for a purpose and placed gifts in our lives to reach a hurting and sad world.

Through the ministry of Lifesong Women, we desire to see women of all ages equipped and empowered to be all that God has created them to be and to fulfil that purpose. It is time to see the daughters Arise to their full potential, whether it be in the home, the market place, or in the Church.

Come and join us, to grow and learn through special events, to change your song of life into a song that brings healing to the Nation. See how God plants you in amazing situations to be His agent of change in the world.

We are daughters of the King, called for such a time as this. Now is the time.
Don't mi
ss out on the exciting life, planned for you from the beginning of creation. Begin to shine forth His light and be to others, as Christ is to us. 

Ps Janette Boland





We would love to welcome you to Lifesong Women events which are sprinkled throughout the year. The best way to keep up with what is happening is to "like" our facebook page. 


We believe in the empowering of women of all ages to be able to go out into our community. To be the hands, the feet and the words of Jesus to a world that is cold and without hope.


We gather to hear the Word, to share in great worship and to encourage one another in our life's journey.



Wendy Verdouw 

Co-ordinator Lifesong Women 

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