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Pantry Plus offers food provision and holistic support for those in need. The Pantry Plus recognises that all those seeking assistance deserve to be treated with care, compassion and respect. We extend non-judgmental and empathic support, seeking to share the hope and acceptance that Christ generously extends to all people. 

The pantry is filled with basic essentials, non perishable goods, toiletries and frozen meals, and is operated under the core values of Dependence on God, Unity, Teamwork and Forgiveness. We recognise that poverty is not merely about lack of resources but the inability to manage them. Poverty of resources leads to poverty in social inclusion. Our aim is to give people a hand up (community development) not just a hand out (mercy ministry). This will be done respecting the individual’s dignity and capacity to manage their own resources, and recognising their ability to be a contributor to society. 

If you are in need of food assistance, bookings are preferred and can be made through the church office between 10am and 3pm Mon, Wed, Thurs and Friday. The Pantry run every Tuesday from 10.00 am to 1.45pm (no bookings for pantry will be taken on Tuesdays).

Please call our office to discuss your particular needs and to arrange a time to come to the food pantry. If you are wanting to donate to Pantry Plus, we gladly welcome donations of non-perishable items that can be dropped off at the church. 

To make an appointment call us on 03 5971 4877



As part of our Care House ministry we are able to provide meals for people in the community  who have emergency needs.  Our kitchen produces a variety of meals with both an Australian and Indian flavour with some of the ingredients coming from our very own Care House garden.  These meals are frozen and packs are available for distribution on a case by case basis. 

We are able to offer frozen meals food assistance on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on an appointment basis. Please call our office on the number below to discuss your particular needs and to arrange a time to come in to our offices. 

If you have an emergency food need, please contact our office on
03 5971 4877